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circus workshops for schools

Circus workshops for schools

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Your tailored event experience

|With an extensive track record of success, we've dazzled audiences at countless events nationwide.

Unlike traditional agencies, we don't hand you a generic performer list.

We listen to your needs and curate tailored entertainment exclusively for you.

Your event, your vision - brought to life!

School Shows:

When it comes to captivating school audiences, Blooming Circus takes center stage!

Our extraordinary performances are tailored specifically for schools, leaving students and staff amazed, inspired, and talking about it for days to come.

We blend entertainment with education, creating an enriching experience that brings joy and wonder to the learning environment.

Walkabout Entertainment:

Prepare to be enchanted as our skilled magicians work their magic, leaving your guests spellbound with their mysterious tricks.

And that's not all - our talented jugglers will surprise and delight everyone with their jaw-dropping skills, ensuring a mobile spectacle that keeps the excitement flowing.

Interactive Entertainers:

Our entertainers are more than just performers; they are masters at forging connections.

With their unique ability to engage and involve every individual at your event, they create a sense of togetherness that enriches the overall experience.

Watch as laughter and amazement fill the room, leaving everyone with cherished memories.

magic workshops for schools