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Looking for an unforgettable and engaging experience that involves everyone?

Look no further than a circus skills workshop in your school, university, college or event!

With over twenty years of experience performing and teaching circus workshops for schools nationwide, Blooming Circus is the perfect choice.
Our team of full-time professional circus performers arrives promptly, dressed smartly and ready to kick-start an exhilarating circus day!

We begin with a captivating morning circus show, setting the stage for an exciting day ahead.
Tailored to meet your specific needs, our circus workshop day follows a carefully planned timetable.

From juggling to plate spinning, flower sticks to diabolo, hackey sack to magic tricks, feather tricks to cigar boxes, showmanship to balancing, and more – we teach an array of impressive tricks and skills.

To showcase the newly discovered talents of the children, we can even organize an optional assembly for parents. Our expert circus tutors handle the hosting and ensure a memorable performance.

No matter the venue size or skill level, our circus workshops are easily adaptable.

Captivate your schools!

Experience the magic and wonder of Blooming Circus.

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